Genuine Italian Food offers  The Finest Italian Products , prepared and packaged to suit the needs of retailers, wholesalers, delicatessens, supermarkets, food services and food manufacturing sectors.

Our range of Products

We offer the finest Italian ingredients. We source, import, prepare and package our products to suit the needs of retailers, wholesalers, delicatessens, supermarkets, as well as the food service and food manufacturing sectors. Whether it’s Prosciutto, Hard Cheeses, Parma Ham, and so on …


code: 571
Prosciutto di Parmacode: 324
Prosciutto Cotto Delizioso

code: 573
Prosciutto San Daniele
code: 574
Prosciutto Nostrano Rustico
code: 575
Prosciutto Nostrano Campagnolo

code: 321
Prosciutto Cotto


code: 883
Salame Milano
code: 885
Salame Ventricina Piccante
code: 886
Salame Piccante Dritta
 code: 888
Salame Felino
code: 180
Pancetta Arrotolata grassa
code: 181
Pancetta Arrotolata Magra
code: 182
Pancetta Affumicata trancio
code: 4420
Speck Trancio
code: 444
Bresaola Punta D’anca
code: 445
Guanciale Al Pepe

Special Cheeses

Please Click Here for more information on our special cheeses.

code: 261
Formaggio Scoparolo
code: 262
Formaggio Tentazione del Frate
code: 263
Formaggio all’Ulivo
code: 266
Formaggio Nocerino
code: 267
Formaggio C’era una volta
code: 271
Formaggio Gran Cru di Grotta
code: 272
Formaggio Affumicato
code: 273
Formaggio di Fossa
code: 278
Formaggio al vino
code: 290
Formaggio alla Birra
code: 292
Formaggio allo Chardonay
code: 294
Formaggio Capriccio Nero





 code: 101
Parmigiano Reggiano 1/8
DOP 18-24 months
 code: 102
Parmigiano Reggiano 1/4
DOP 18-24 months
 code: 801
Grana Padano 1/8
DOP 16-18 months
 code: 802
Grana Padano 1/4
DOP 16-18 months

code: 106
Grattuggiato Mix
 code: 105
Parmigiano Reggiano Grattuggiato
 code: 110
 code: 111
 code: 9930
 code: 9931
 code: 9932
 code: 112
 code: 201
Grana Padano grattuggiato