Genuine Italian Food Suppliers

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At Genuine Italian Food, we really are truly
passionate about bringing
home wonderful
regional Italian Products that
inspire authentic
flavors, tastes and menus.

As one of the Finest Italian Products Suppliers of chilled and specialty
foods, Genuine Italian Food works direct with the very best food producers
throughout Italy. In fact, we source directly from family run businesses to
guarantee the tradition and quality of our product ranges.
This means we can also bring to fruition bespoke product ideas for you outside of our standard range.We are passionate too about providing the best customer service. We work with well-known quality brands and this allows us to offer the choices you need.We have experienced sales and technical staff, who ar knowledgeable in every aspect of food provenance, procurement and the required safety and quality standards essential for importing Italian Products into the UK.

Authentic Italian food choices

An extensive range of chilled and specialty Italian food products from leading brands in their sector to smaller artisan producers.

Superior product quality and standards

Authentic typical food produce made using only the best quality raw ingredients and highest standards of traditional and modern production.

Unrivaled levels of service to meet individual needs

A flexible approach for each food sector enabling Genuine Italian Food to meet specific customer needs, or bespoke requirements and to adapt quickly to new market trends or product innovation.

Genuine Italian Food’s strategy is to be the supplier of choice for our food range.

Our aim to be at the forefront of developing niche products and markets, as well as working with our partners to support their sales and marketing initiatives.